Friday, October 31, 2008


I am in a Mom's group (kind of like MOPS) called Building Blocks. We meet once a month and then have a few activities and playgroups in between meetings. They hosted a "Trunk-or-treat" this week. I have heard of this but have never been involved in one. Its supposed to be a safer way to enjoy Halloween--a trick-or-treat alternative. It was in the parking lot of a church in Southaven. Everyone pulls into a parking space, opens the trunk, decorates a little, puts candy out and the kids go around and trick-or-treat out of the trunks. Most of you know I'm so last minute with everything. This was no exception. I was actually kind of dreading getting ready for this. Since I have never participated in one, I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't really have any ideas for decorating. I kept waiting for something to come to me and it never did (or either it was going to be way to involved--and I wasn't in the mood for that!) So, the night before I kind of just decided to do a fall theme. Real original, huh? I thought, well, its better than nothing. I have tons of pumpkins so I decided to do a pumpkin patch. I just used stuff I had around home---well, except for the corn stalks and hay bales--I ran by on the way to the event and picked those up. I bought a scarecrow at Hobby Lobby 1/2 off and my neighbor Wendy let me borrow one of hers. I painted some signs on old pieces of cardboard. This is how it turned out:

I thought it was pretty cute. And, to my surprise nobody else did "fall" decorations! And, an even bigger surprise........

WE WON the best decorated trunk!!! I couldn't believe it!!

Ethan gave his Capt. Hook costume a break and dressed up as a farmer. (it fit the theme better anyway)

Here are some of the other trunks. There were a lot of great ideas!!

a 50's diner....there was a little table set up, records hanging down, Coke products, etc. She even had some Elvis playing on the radio!

You would know there would have to be an Ole Miss trunk!! There were actually 2 of them. This one was really cute the way they had everything done.



Mickey and Minnie on a picnic

A circus theme. The mom and kids were dressed as clowns.
Some other themes were High School Musical, Snowmen, TN Titans, Tennis, Spooky Halloween decor., Koala Bears, and a bath tub.

When it was time to trick or treat, everyone lined up together and went in a line to all the trunks and helped themselves to candy.

Ethan wanted to eat some on the way! He picked up a Hershey bar at one car and said, "Here hold my bag" and started trying to get the wrapper open!

Checking out all his goodies

There was also a contest for best boy and girl costume. This was the girl that won. She was adorable and very original--a tree!
How cute is this??!!??
And look at this sweet skunk!

Ethan and I had fun doing this together! I wish Emma Kate could have been there. She would have loved it! She was so happy for us winning the contest!
Oh, yeah....our prize was a Mum. However, it will probably be dead next week! I have trouble keeping plants alive!


Martha said...

What in the world?! You pulled that together at the last minute?! That's awesome! I love how you even painted those little signs in the pumpkins! This is sooo cute and you definitely deserved to win! Ethan fits perfectly with his farmer outfit!

Russ, Anna and Pepper said...

You have got to be on of the most creative people I know!!!!! That is unbelievable that you just pulled that one out at the last minute, and then won on your first time out. Looks like a very fun afternoon and a great idea!!!!!

Angela said...

Those are REALLY original trunk-or-treat ideas! I'm glad you shared the pictures with us!

canscrap4u2 said...

well duh! Of COURSE you got best decorated trunk! I'd have expected nothing less!

Candy said...

How cute and fun! You did such a GREAT job decorating your trunk! :) Ethan looks ADORABLE!

Laura said...


Russ, Anna and Pepper said...

YES!!! I have been begging Lisa to start a blog for a very long time. She says she doesn't have time, I will keep trying

Jen said...

You are so creative Destiny! Congrats on winning...your's was by far the best. Trunk or Treat is neat...we used to do it where I taught preschool in OK. We also did it at our church in MA. Ethan is so adorable in his overalls!

Ashlie said...

I love your trunk! And the Trunk or Treat idea! I'm like you, I always do things last minute b/c I'm a procrastinator. But, I think I do my best work that way. Looks like you do too! I'm glad y'all had fun!!

Candy said...

I love that you put sweet little Will's picture on your sidebar! I might just copy you! :)

jennifer said...

Hey Des! I love your trunk! Congrats on winning. We did trunk or treat at my church. We had over 450 people attend. It is community wide and a great christian outreach. Sorry to be so drab, but I didn't know if you remembered Forrest Johnson? Jennifer Parks (Tadlock) ex-boyfriend? Anyway he passed away on October 29th. E-mail me sometime...Jennifer