Monday, April 14, 2014

favorite February moments

February started out with beautiful weather! We enjoyed a walk on a Natchez Trace trail with friends. 

Evelyn likes wagon rides on warm days. We usually go out when its time for big brother or sister to get off the bus. This is her face when she sees them!

Richard and Nolan came down to Mississippi to visit while Brandi is at OCS. We loved seeing them and celebrating Nolan's 1st birthday!
I love being "aunt desi!"

Nolan loves to walk like this and Emma Kate and Ethan loved helping him!
 I LOVE this picture of Nolan...Ethan was feeding him and got distracted playing on my phone. He was waiting for that spoon!!

The birthday boy
We put together a little Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party.


Poor Evelyn. Your time will come soon enough! (We did give her a little taste of his cake!)
Duck Dynasty day at school for Emma Kate
Evelyn wanted to join in on the fun too!
I LOVE helping make Valentine boxes!!

Happy to see sunshine!
Evelyn enjoyed helping Ethan go through his Valentines when he got home!!

For Evelyn's Valentine's Day treat I got her a balloon. She had been eyeing them every time we went to Kroger. She was beyond happy when I got her one!!


Emma Kate had been eyeing the candy bouquets in Kroger too!! She "hinted" around for the whole month of March/February that she wanted one.
playing in the laundry basket...
We went to the Ag museum Saturday, Feb 15th. Emma Kate and I had been there on a field trip but the rest of the family had not. We knew Ethan would like it.
Evelyn liked looking at the animals!

Swing swing....

"loving" on her babies.
more swinging.....

sweet girl....

One day Evelyn noticed a ladybug crawling around outside so I thought it would be fun to pick it up and show it to her. Bad idea....she tried to eat it!

learning to pull up in her crib

We took a family bike ride/walk one evening and saw the prettiest daffodil clumps! Spring is on its way....

Matt and Ek resting on a swing along the way. :)